My Top 10

If you know me, you know these are the Top 10 things about me already. If you don’t, you’re welcome.

  1. I am sensitive. Basically, I cry ALL the time. I cry if something makes me really happy, I cry when I’m really sad, I cry when I’m angry… “If I’m not between a 3-7 on the emotional scale I’m crying.” Kirsten Bell is my emotional spirit animal.
  2. I hate gum. To me, there is nothing more disgusting. Like, I get why it exists but just…NO. I hate the smell of it, I hate the sound of people chewing it, if we are dating I won’t kiss you if you are (or I know you were) chewing it. I once had a boyfriend who thought it would be funny to spit his gum in my mouth when he went in to kiss me. We are no longer together. Do the math.
  3. I love my friends. Being an only child means that your friends become your family. I’m blessed with some really fucking awesome friends. For some reason, they think I’m awesome too. I will drop anything to be there if they need me and I love being part of their lives. I’m a pseudo auntie to many and I love those little offsprings just as fiercely
  4. My favorite physical quality is my hair. It took me 25 years to appreciate my thick, course hair. I can curl it and it will last for days or a week if I’m living on the edge and plaster it with dry shampoo. It might take an hour to blow dry and I shed hair like a mother fucker, but I get so many compliments on it and I’ve had hairdressers describe it as “their dream hair”. I have learned to be thankful for this mane of mine.
  5. I went to 9 schools in 12 years. My parents divorced when I was 6 and I lived with my mom. We moved around a lot. I went to 5 elementary schools, two junior high schools, and 2 high schools. All within the same county.
  6. I’m incredibly gassy. My mom always said that she knew I liked a guy if I hadn’t farted in front of him yet. Well, you know what? I’m a gassy lady and sometimes I can’t help it. I used to work at a restaurant where they called me “Bubbles”. It started because I was always so bubbly and positive but it stuck after a shift where I was barreled over in pain every time I came back in the kitchen because I had to fart so bad. I now burp a lot too. What can I say? I’m one classy lassie.
  7. I’m a terrible flyer. For some reason I have developed an intense fear of being in the air. It’s better with medication and if I have a window seat, but I’m a terrible companion. I will constantly think that we are going to die if we hit turbulence. Fun Fact: My parents own a plane and my stepmom is a pilot. She finally got me up in the air and I even flew the plane for about 57 seconds with her by my side.
  8. I love tequila. And tacos. Equally. I am quite wild when I’m tequila’d up and make some interesting choices. Like proposing to one of my besties in a busy restaurant so we could get a good table or climbing trees and acting like a vampire.
  9.  Sweet potatoes are my favorite food group. I could, and often do, eat them in some form for every meal. An active lifestyle is also super important to me. Yes, I do CrossFit but I also hike, camp, and basically love the outdoors.
  10. I am always playful.  Life is too short for negativity and I also look for the bright side of things. Laughing is my favorite form of exercise. I even won two “Playful” awards when I worked for Snooze.


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