let them eat cake! …just not yet.

The lights go down.  The bikini comes off.  The contest prep is over.

You’ve done it.

You have earned your post competition meal.

image1 (1)

Many people have asked me what I decided to eat after months of meal prep and my final week of tilapia and asparagus.  I wanted a burger.  And sweet potato fries.  And a cocktail.  And a milkshake.  And luckily, I heard all about PARK BURGER in RiNo.

Before I start salivating over my meal, let me take a minute and tell you about the service.  THIS PLACE BLEW MY MIND!  And as someone who works in the restaurant business, that statement doesn’t come easily to me.  I called ahead to make sure that they had everything I was looking for.  The host was thrilled that I wanted to celebrate there and assured me that they would accommodate our large party.  And then, later that night, she actually hugged me when I walked in the door and congratulated me on the show.  When people choose to celebrate your victories with you, even as a stranger, it makes the world a bit brighter.  Just sayin…

Okay…but there BURGERS!  I mean…and their milkshakes!  And don’t get me started on their sweet potato fries.  This praise will have to be cut short, because I literally DO NOT HAVE WORDS!


We are now approaching a week since my show, and while everyone else is thinking that, “Now you can EAT!” “Back to real life!” “Let’s grab a drink!”, I’m starting to panic.  This time is crucial for my metabolism and I’m struggling to get back on track and transition into my normal diet.  Preparation is key and I finally was able to make some time and prep my meals.  It’s only been a few days, but I can see the changes happening to my body RAPIDLY from being off track.  Healthy and smart choices are always necessary.  NO EXCUSES.

I’m not psycho.  And I know that it’s nearly impossible to maintain a show figure year round, but I can’t stress how important it is to stay focused when you set a goal.  Even after you finish it.  Set another one.  And then another.  #alwaysevolving

Thanks for listening.  Any and all of your tips for staying motivated are welcome!  Everyone needs someone, and maybe your words of encouragement will make a difference for someone!

Peace, Love & Protein Pancakes

2 thoughts on “let them eat cake! …just not yet.

  1. Wow what a transformation! Congratulations on your progress! You can have good tasting food or even junk food, just in moderation!

    Honestly you can inspire people with your story, you go girl!


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